“Sometimes I do get to places just when God’s ready to have somebody click the shutter.” ~Ansel Adams

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A Quickly Setting Sun

I guess there is one advantage to having to be the one to go pick Heather up from band at school at night. I drove into town just as the sun was setting. It sure was quick tonight with all the clouds and rain but I pulled along side the road to capture it while it lasted.

When Heather got in the car she said, "Well the sky WAS pretty..." I told her I saw it and even got pictures and she pouted because by the time band was over for her she missed getting any photos of the sunset for herself.


Hilda said...


I read somewhere a long time ago that rosy skies during sunsets mean more rains the next day. Have you noticed if it's true?

E said...

Well, we're definitely having rain today, so maybe it is true!

Tammy, I'm noticing a theme to your blogs the last few days. =0)

Tammy said...

I guess I just have my heads in the clouds a lot lately!

Tommy V said...

Great sun set. this is my favorite time of the day. Great catch.